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I finally have some good news. C took Icy to get her booster shots on Saturday. She said Icy was 8 pounds and for her size that was great. It's hard to imagine all that energy and attitude wrapped up in an 8 pound bag. But the scary part was they took blood to run a bunch of tests. I am terrified of losing another cat this year. After the tragic loss of Mim-Mim in January to cancer and Bellatrix in February to complications from surgery/diabetes I am just emotionally battered. I still cry everyday for my girls. My life seems empty without them. BUT finally some good news. The vet called today with Icy's results. Everything including her heart, liver function, kidneys, blood sugar, etc.. was great. Actually the vet said "beautiful". BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I listened to the message three times just to hear that my baby Icy's results were BEAUTIFUL.

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